Meet Kris O. Mbah

A man with a unique vision for community development
"In my mid 20's, asked myself, 'Kris O. Mbah, what do you really want to do with your life?'"
"Reflecting on my childhood, 
I was reminded that I had lived in 4 different countries and visited 5 of the 7 continents by the time I was 11. 
Cultural competency was a tool in which I was more than simply "well versed", it was my way of life. 
My conscious and subconscious ability to engage people and quickly adapt to an ever-changing environment became part of my identity."
"While soul searching, 
I volunteered at many different program and served as an AmeriCorps representative. 
During my service in AmeriCorps, I facilitated a Sustainable Communities Initiative focused on creating a Quality of Life plan.
This entailed facilitating a multi-group high stakes community development project with a high poverty neighborhood. 
The work was difficult and revealed many political and professional landscapes and relationships.
"It was then that I realized what my purpose!
I found that had the unique ability to understand, teach, facilitate, 
and gather people together in order to build community and reach campaign objectives. 
Thus, the strategic consulting firm, Aviators, was born. 

Fly The Revolution!"-Kris O. Mbah
Engagement Strategies