Our Workshops Are Strategically Designed to Comprehensively Meet All Needs

What specifically sets our workshops apart is our follow-through and wraparound

Our “Jabez Strategy” is a comprehensive ministry development piece strategically designed to build high community connectivity. This strategy utilizes all of our ministerial solutions at your disposal in order to create an attractive and inclusive environment through effective/efficient ministerial operations and community analysis.

Our Gifts Assessment/Inventory workshop teaches ministry teams to effectively evaluate their core members in order to efficiently utilize each individual skill and assign correct roles according to their gift set.
Just like any other field, it’s ideal to correctly align an individual with the talent and passion for that type of work. This decreases burnout and increases impact.

This is one of our most intentional workshops. We teach ministries how to effectively seek, develop, and retain new leadership through relationship building.
What usually sets ministries apart is their ability to develop leadership, and just like any other team, when things get clutch, the individual members rely on their relationships with fellow teammates to get through any and every obstacle.

This is an area where most ministries usually struggle to create a sustainable presence. We teach how to build deep relationships within the surrounding resident base through relatability, presence, and consistency.
Street Ministry is all about being consciously present in each moment and allowing The Holy Spirit to guide your ability to discern the spiritual environment all around you.

Let Us Guide Your Organization From Outcomes to Impact

Without ownership, there is no development

Our “Phalanx Strategy” is a comprehensive community development approach focused on poverty reduction through community role alignment, accountability, resident empowerment, asset mapping, and efficiently leveraging  community resources to invest in social and civic capital. The “Phalanx Strategy” is the innovative structural foundation for our directive the “Kingdom Project”.

This workshop compares and contrasts the methodologies of issues-based vs. assets-based community development/organizing. Operating in the current culture of issues-based community development, most organizations find themselves struggling to continue in their efforts. This workshop teaches groups to become more strategically aligned to creating sustainable impact instead of solely being outcomes driven.

After a shared vision/focus has been inclusively established, determining who has the power to make decisions regarding that vision/focus is the next step. Power Analysis also provides the groundwork to identifying systems of oppression within communities. Who has the power? What is that power? And how can we wield that power to achieve our goals?

Any and every great campaign manager will tell you there are 3 core fundamentals to a successful campaign.


This exercise teaches groups how to effectively and efficiently direct any campaign for success.

Relational being is the philosophically fundamental ideology of nature. Everything in nature is relative. If the water is polluted, there are no flies. If there are no flies, there are no frogs. Ex. If there are no frogs, there are no birds, etc. To develop our ECOsystem rather than EGO system, we as human beings must being to break from the cultural paradigm of SELF. This workshop teaches the importance of and how to start that journey, together.

Our “Perception Vs. Truth” exercise is a lesson in root cause analysis that teaches groups to identify and break down individual and organizational barriers that prevent directives from moving forward progressively towards positive transformation.

The Story of Self is an art-form that individuals utilize to articulately express where they were, where they are, and where they’re going by sharing the challenges they’ve faced, the choices they’ve made, and the outcomes of facings their obstacles.

Developing and sustaining relationships is the pivotal wind that sails all developmental ships. In this workshop, we teach groups to creatively cultivate relationships in all sectors of community in order to create sustainable change and transformation.

Community building is an exercise in teaching  collaborative groups to holistically address community concerns through empowerment rather than that of control. At most times, the problems communities face seem so daunting from all sides of the spectrum. Our “Community Building” workshop teaches groups the impact in empowering citizens to take ownership in the development of their neighborhoods.

Our talented facilitators specialize in creative processes that will collaboratively develop the “means” to your desired “ends”.

We pursue and apply our ongoing learning from the latest to leading trends in order to create a quality systematic process for determining and addressing the gaps between “needs” in current conditions, and the “wants” in desired conditions.

Let us work with you to define your desired “ends” and develop the “means” to get there.

We can expertly coordinate engagement tactics leading to your desired outcomes.

We develop the metrics/indicators and gather the qualitative/quantitative data in order to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of any body of work.

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