Our Science

At Aviators, we develop custom engagement strategies through our analysis in that people are a socioeconomic and biochemical reflection of their environment.
Therefore, to influence positive choices, you must create an environment with social patterns highly conducive towards positive outcomes.

This can only been done through a holistic engagement approach that comprehensively addresses the 6 main components of an affluent Quality of Life; Education, Health & Wellness, Income & Wealth, Housing, Safety & Security, and Arts & Culture.

Each component is as vitally important as the next.

Our Methodology

In community development, sustainability will only exist through resident-driven engagement and activities that build ownership. Ownership is crucial to sustainability which is why most initiatives fail to continue past initial grant funding. Without ownership, there is no development.

To summarize, we believe:

To sustain community development, there must be ownership.
To develop ownership, there must be indigenous leadership.
To create indigenous leaders, you must build relationships.
To build relationships, there must be trust.
To create trust, you must be consistently present and connected to people.

Aviators’ aim is to develop a collective neighborhood vision and city-wide plan leading to systemic change and poverty reduction.

What Is Aviators?

Aviators is a strategic firm specializing in collaboratively designing, implementing, and evaluating engagement strategies to address short-term needs and achieve long-term goals through a framework of Relational Being and Assets-Based Community Development. Typically we focus on the areas of systems analysis, leadership development, community building, project development, coalition building, and community organizing.

We most frequently apply our Relational Being and Assets-Based Community Development framework to address needs related to the faith-based, public, and private sectors. Current and previous clients include high net worth individuals, campaigns, churches, nonprofit organizations, and corporations.

Based in Kalamazoo, MI, Aviators works throughout Michigan and with clients nationally.

At Aviators, we envision people and businesses authentically engaging one another in building sustainable communities.

Our mission is to empower people and businesses to authentically engage one another in building sustainable communities.

At Aviators, our aim is to assist communities in developing a shared vision and plan leading to policy change, poverty reduction, and transformation.

By empowering civic movements from the ground up, while facilitating a culture of democracy and servant leadership from the top down.

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