We Offer A Wide Range of Solutions

How may we serve you?

The effective and impactful operation of any organization depends upon the wholeness of existing leadership, operational values, strategic process & implementation, and the ability to cultivate and retain new leaders.

Aviators can help you discern your gifts/skills and leverage those strengths to best serve the values and vision of your organization and community!

What sets our services apart is our ability to follow through after training to help guide the successful planning and implementation of any initiative.

From helping groups explore new vision and mission opportunities, to increasing participation and impact, we offer strategic solutions in:

Asset Mapping/Inventory

Locate and inventory community strengths/resources.

Community Building

Develop an inclusive and collaborative community shared vision.

Event Management

Create a platform that brings people together.

Direct Action

Need systemic change? Let’s get your voice heard!


Where would you like to go?
We can get you there!

Campaign Management

Want to create a movement? We’ll walk with you every step of the way.

Coalition Building

No one can do it alone. Who is missing from the table?

Fundraising/Grant Writing

Need financial resources? Let’s help you reach your goals.

Power Analysis

Facing systemic barriers? Who is making the decisions?

Survey/Needs Assessment

Want to know the layout of the land?
We can create a map for you!

Issues Vs. Assets-Based

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Social Justice Leadership

Want to transform your community? We’ll teach you everything we know.

Volunteer Management

No one can do it alone. Let’s build a team of passionate “do-ers”.

Story of Self/Us

Everyone has a story to be told. We create understanding by sharing our “me” and relating to “we”.


Is what you’re doing having any impact?
Let us take a look!

Interested in working with us?

Let us know what you want to accomplish.