Kris O. Mbah is a Nigerian American activist and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping people. Having lived all over the world, Kris developed a high level of cultural competency in order to navigate and build relationships. After working in the public sector for some years, Kris created Aviators, a consulting platform for like-minded professionals to work together through a framework of authentic engagement.

“Generative ideas emerge from joint thinking, from significant conversations, and from sustained, shared struggles to achieve new insights by partners in thought.”

Kenneth J. Gergen, Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community

Kris believes that transparency, ethics, communication, and mutual accountability are a requirement for sustainable relationships. Aviators incorporates these core values into its framework of authentic engagement in order to help people, businesses, institutions, and communities build sustainable relationships.

Kris lives in Portage, Michigan with his spouse (Erika) and three children (Ava, Ezra, and Akio). Also, Kris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance with a minor in Economics from Penn State University.