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3 Tips for Authentic Engagement

3 Tips for Authentic Engagement

Trust is the key element that we subconsciously draw upon in every human interaction, whether we personally know the individual or not. Authentic engagement is realizing “who you are” as an organization, and engaging people based upon those same set of committed values.

Here are our 3 Tips for Authentic Engagement:

1. Be Honest!

Think about every single athlete that has broken trust by lying to their fans about their character. Their sponsors quickly pull out their endorsements because they don’t want their brand being affiliated with the image of inauthenticity. Just keep it real.

2. Talk with your clients, let them know you care.

If more customers thought businesses cared about their well-being, they would interact with them more. Consumers more often interact with business in order to share their dissatisfaction rather than satisfaction with service. Regularly talking with clients helps to build mutual trust.

3. Understand your bias.

Working to better understand yourself is the greatest advice I can give any individual or organization. For the most part, we are unconscious of how our perception of the world is influenced by our unique set of experiences. Becoming aware of ourselves and our perceptions of the world is the best way to overcome any obstacle in human interaction.

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